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Towarzystwo Entuzjastów Iluzji
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Darwin Ortiz

Darwin Ortiz is a living legend, and one of the finest creators of card effects living today. He is a rare combination of technician, creator, thinker and performer.

Darwin’s sleight-of-hand skills, combined with his knowledge of gambling scams, have led to his consulting for gambling casinos in a dozen countries.

As one of the world’s leading sleight of hand experts, he has written books on card magic that are considered modern classics as are Strong Magic and Designing Miracles, his two best-selling books on magic theory.

Darwin is sure to delight with his charming presentations and ridiculously smooth handling of some of the most intricate of techniques. Having spent decades deceiving others with his uncanny skills, Darwin is sharing some of the many classic effects that he is known for.

Mario López

Mario Lopez was just a kid when a friend put a lit cigarette into his fist and made it disappear. He learned how it was done and from that moment on he was in love with magic. Mario is incredibly dramatic on-stage which he says is a product of his environment. Clowns, actors and musicians have all had an impact on his magic.

Mario’s Instagram presence is very unique. Unlike many other magicians he rarely uses cards. He shies away from card magic because he thinks it very difficult to be unique using that style of magic. He thinks its much more important to go to different places. Mining the same old material rarely creates something interesting. That said, Mario has still learned a tremendous amount watching other magicians on Instagram.

There are many creative moments in a day, according to Mario. He allows himself to open to ideas at any time. Mario has a ton of weird objects on his table at home from chains to coins to cards. He is constantly playing with those objects. From that new ideas are constantly born.

  • Mario… the Doug Henning of our times.

    Dani DaOrtiz

  • I am the president of the Mario Lopez fan club! I love his work!!!

    Kevin James


Jaime Figueroa

Jaime Figueroa was born in Madrid in 1986.

Abracadabra! He was transformed to magician being a kid. As he loves clowns he specialized in comedy magic.

He mixes clown with magic with all its crazy consequences, and even though there are many things that even Harry Potter can not fix, in the worst moment, when all is broken down, the unusual magic of Jaime comes back.

In his lecture he will teach us how to develop visual humour and his approach to create comedy moments with magic.


Arsene Lupin

Arsene Lupin is a Polish professional magician with forty years experience on all kind of stages, probably the most international illusionist of the country. From TV channels to magic conventions he has performed and lectured all around the world. National Polish TV has broadcast ten full-length of his shows.

International Federation of Magic (FISM) has awarded Arsene Lupin in three times. He was the president of Polish Magic Society (KKI) for a decade.

Michał Kociołek

Illusionist, consultant, author of numerous publications. Passionate and performer with many years of experience, he is one of
the most creative illusionists in Poland.

His original effects found recognition among the most famous illusionists.
Selected tricks have been translated into three languages ​​and published in the most prestigious specialized magazines.

He is the author of the book 8 Effects and a Sleight, published only in English where he shares the secrets of his favourites card tricks.

Polish Poker, his most popular trick, achieved commercial success by selling
in thousands of copies around the world.

He is the only Pole whose original effects have been published until now
three times in the pages of Genii Magazine, the best-selling magazine on
a world dedicated to illusion.

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Konrad Modzelewski

Konrad Modzelewski (konradus magicus modzelevskus) – a species of a trickovore magician from the magical family. Its natural habitat is Warsaw,Poland and the surrounding area. Current population: 1.

He may not be a jack-of-all-trades, but he calls himself a jack of four trades: magician, comedian, juggler, clown. He spent half his life learning to juggle,the other half learning to perform magic, and now he’s spending the third half making audiences laugh out loud, in Poland and beyond. In order to completely focus on performing and growing as an artist, he ended his formal education rather quickly. No, not THAT quickly – luckily, he managed to learn the multiplication table. He spends his free time breeding a private collection of Australian platypuses. So far, he has a plush one – his name is Theodor.

Konrad has no talent, he’s not a master of anything, and he has never won a magicians’ competition. Instead, he has the experience of over 2000 shows and has been making a living from his love of magic for nine years now.

He has performed many times for larger audiences – in radio and television. He has been a guest of, among others, Channel One, Two, Three and Four of Polskie Radio (the national Polish radio broadcaster), as well as Radio RDC and Radio Bajka. He has also performed for television: TVP1 (the main channel of the national Polish TV broadcaster), TVP Polonia, TVPABC as well as Superstacja. That’s not all! Konrad has even performed onboard of planes during their flights from Poland to Greece and Turkey (and back)! He also authored a book about magic tricks for kids titled “Children’s  book of magic”; he also co-authored the handbook for magicians “Kid Performer – how to turn magic tricks into a business”.

The thing that brings him the most joy is making the audiences smile. 😄

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096 IMG_6210 W Kadrze Piotr Bedliński

On Saturday evening there will take place in the theater “Scena na Piętrze” a great magic show, during which you will have the chance to see the performances of some of the best illusionists in the world! Each of the performers has a completely different style and field of illusion. Cards, coins, manipulation, mentalism and many more!

Szymon Maciak

Szymon Maciak

The manipulator

Alex Cerveau

Alex Cerveau

The mind reader

Darwin Ortiz

Darwin Ortiz

The legend

Mario López

Mario López

The unusualist

Jaime Figueroa

Jaime Figueroa

The anti-magician

Saturday, 21 September 2019

9.00 – 10.00

10.00 – 11.30

12.00 – 13.30

15.30 – 17.00

17.00 – 17.15

19.30 – 21.00



Mario López Lecture

Darwin Ortiz Lecture

Jaime Figueroa Lecture

Presentation of Polish edition of “Strong Magic” by Darwin Ortiz

Gala 52

Afterparty in Pika Pika Tapas Bar Y Vino

Sunday, 22 September 2019

11.00 – 12.00

11.00 – 12.00

12.30 – 14.00

15.00 – 16.00

16.30 – 18.00

Gala 52 Junior – Konrad Modzelewski

Michał Kociołek Lecture

Arsene Lupin, memories of a magical life – Hosted by Błażej Hatman

Creating magic with Mario López and Jaime Figueroa – Hosted by Ricardo Castro

Conversations with Darwin Ortiz – Hosted by Michał Kociołek


Estrada Poznańska

ul. Masztalarska 8




Lectures + Gala 52 (before 1st of September)

65 €

Lectures + Gala 52 (after 1st of September)

75 €

Lectures + Gala 52 (at the door)

80 €

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