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Saturday, 13 October 2018


Javi Benítez

Javi is a Spanish illusionist known for his extremely skillful hands. In his participation in the popular American TV show “Fool Us” he was able to fool Penn and Teller. Among his many recognitions he was awarded in 2018 by the international federation of magic, FISM, in the category of card magic and he was also awarded as Magician of the Year in Spain in 2011.

Javi regularly performs at Magic Castle in Los Angeles and he is an active member of the Madrid School of Magic.

The Voice of Amazement

The Voice of Amazement is a lecture that will prove that magic is not only about the effect, but also about what magic and magicians communicate with it. Benítez will perform and explain some original routines, the theories behind them, the handlings, techniques and construction involved.

Gipsy Thread

One of the best versions of the “Torn and restored thread” ever, it has fooled magicians all around the world. The thread is broken and the pieces are set together by the spectator himself!

The art of palming

This is the work that has fooled Penn and Teller. After many years of study and tested in thousands of performances, Benítez has developed an unique set of card palming moves that can even fool magicians who know the technique. You will learn four original moves that will allow you to steal or load any card in front of your spectators in a completely invisible and unsuspected way.

In order to illustrate each technique, he will explain some of his professional routines, including all technical, psychological and presentation details:

  • Four ace travel
  • Cards to pocket
  • Card through the handkerchief
  • Color changes

An enjoyable must-see lecture, with practical advice about technique and audience communication. Original routines for all levels.

  • Being known in the world of magic does not imply good quality. Javi’s creative and hard work with the Torn and Restored Thread is of top quality. He palms cards  with no apparent movement.

    Miguel Ángel Gea

  • Best sleight of hand we have ever seen.

    Penn & Teller

  • A lecture designed and focused from the point of view of the spectator, nourished by years of experience and good taste. In it, among all the pearls that Javi shows, two jewels especially shine: all the fascinating theory of palming and, the already classic in Javi’s magic, his Gypsy Thread routine, that blew so many minds. No doubt, it is one of those lectures that I would see a thousand times, because every time you learn something new. Highly recommended.

    Dani DaOrtiz

  • The Torn and Restored thread is so beautiful and wonderful… what I´ve seen couldn´t have any trick involved. It is one of those moments of beautiful magic.

    Juan Tamariz

Miguel Ángel Gea

Miguel Angel Gea is one of the best close-up magicians in the world. He is a reowned artist across the magic community thanks to his work and artistic approach to magic, specially in coin magic. In his 25 years of experience he has performed in theaters of many countries including the prestigious Magic Castle in Los Angeles.

He is a direct disciple of the Spanish master Arturo de Ascanio and member of Fat Brothers together with Dani DaOrtiz and Christian Engblom. 


Coin magic

In this lecture, Miguel Ángel Gea will teach you many tricks and techniques to perform strong and practical magic with coins. Whether you have experience in coin magic or not, you will be able to amaze your audience with increible effects with objects that every person has in its own wallet.

You will learn from one of greatest magicians in this kind of magic how to perform tricks like:

  • Coin vanishings and productions
  • Coins traveling from one hand to other
  • Coins traveling to a glass
  • Coins through the table
  • Coins traveling to hand of the spectator
  • And many other

Gea will also explain in detail some underground techniques not so known out of Spain with high potential to fool even experienced magicians:

  • The catapult
  • Selective launch to glass
  • The cavern

… and by the way, no gimmicks are needed, only your skills.

Whether you are already into coin magic or not, this lecture will bring you to the next level in magic from the hand of one world’s best coin magicians.

Card magic

Taken directly from his professional repertoire, Miguel Ángel Gea will share with you some of his work on card magic. Tested thousands of times in front of all kind of audiences, you will learn high impact card effects like:

  • Aces production
  • Double traveling of chosen card to deck bo

Magic by perception

After seven years of collaboration with an international team of experts in neuroscience, Miguel Ángel Gea, has developed a new way of doing magic using one of the most powerful methods, the perception illusions of human brain.

Gea will teach you how to use methods based in perception to fool your audience with effects like:

  • Vanishings and productions
  • Coin matrix
  • Chosen card found by coin
  • Coins through table

This powerful tool will change the way how you approach magic.

A lecture focused on guiding young magicians while at the same increasing the knowledge of both amateurs and experts alike.

  • Miguel Ángel Gea is not only one of the greatest coin men of all time but one of the greatest all around magic stars of our time. Everyone in magic should watch and listen to anything Miguel Ángel wants to show or say.

    William Kalush

  • With Miguel Ángel Gea magic’s future is in the best of hands, literally. Behind an almost unassuming but charming and delightful exterior, hides one of today’s most creative, intelligent and capable performers. His original magic and superb handling, as well as his holistic approach, typical of the Spanish School of Magic, will more than just please you. And yes, he will also fool you badly.

    Roberto Giobbi

  • Miguel Ángel Gea is a superb coin magician with some very clever moves and ideas. His magic looks like magic, and he is truly is an actor playing the part of a magician.

    David Roth


Axel Hecklau

Axel is a German illusionist with over thirty years of experience. Over his career he has won several awards, including second place in the “Parlor” category given by the international federation of magic, FISM, in Korea 2018 . Every year, he organizes meetings of magicians in Germany, which are very popular, especially among young magicians.

PS. Everyone is jealous of this mustache;)

Spoon around

Change a spoon into a fork!
Your audience will have a lot of fun with this!!!

Just a cup

Another classic that Axel has infused with his ideas and creativity.
This is not a chop cup. Learn a different technique which gives you more flexibility and stronger effects e.g. in the hand of the spectator. This routine is a REAL worker.

Easy Cube

Solve the Rubiks Cube faster than the world record.
With NO brain work!!!
Axel Hecklau won FISM Europe 2017 in Parlour Magic with Easy Cube!

Rope through wrist

A simple rope move that you can easely add to your rope routine

The napkin rose 2.0

Create a two colored paper rose with no special printed props to buy. It looks even more realistic than the common napkin rose. Learn how Axel Hecklau combines this with a nice card effect in which a spectator finds their card by themself.

And more!

  • Axel’s lecture was fantastic! Everything about the lecture was top-notch. His choice of effects showed a lot of variety and great thought.”

    Marc DeSouza

  • Absolutely brilliant.

    Gene Anderson

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Scena_na_pietrze_fot_K (2)

On Saturday evening there will take place in the theater “Scena na Piętrze” a great magic show, during which you will have the chance to see the performances of some of the best illusionists in the world! Each of the performers has a completely different style and field of illusion. Cards, coins, manipulation, mentalism and many more!

Javi Benítez

Javi Benítez

Miguel Ángel Gea

Miguel Ángel Gea

Axel Hecklau

Axel Hecklau

Maciej Pęda

Maciej Pęda

Radek Hoffman

Radek Hoffman

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Workshop – The Magic of Spain

On Sunday 14th it will take place in Poznan an unique six hours workshop about the fine Art of Magic. Two world class magicians, Miguel Ángel Gea and the Fool Us winner Javi Benítez will present the Spanish approach for magic.

Spain has a rich tradition in magic that is world wide recognized. Over generations of magicians, thanks to the work of masters like Juan Tamariz or Arturo de Ascanio the sleight of hand culture in Spain has developed into many styles and approaches that share a common essence. By the hand of Miguel Ángel Gea and Javi Benítez you will learn a way of doing and think in magic by discovering the work of all time masters.

Why to attend the workshop?

Because you will discover a new set of tricks, techniques, theories that are not available outside the Spanish speaking world. You will have access to a knowledge that have been underground (and still is) for many years to the international magic community. A powerful material that will make you advance as sleight of hand artist and the most important of all, it will inspire you.

How the workshop will be?

They will show the different visions of magic in Spain through many of its masters like Juan Tamariz, Arturo de Ascanio, Frakson, Camilo Vázquez, Joaquín Navajas, Gabi Pareras or José Carroll.

What will they teach?

Miguel Ángel Gea and Javi Benítez will perform the magic the masters and they will explain selected routines from every angle (theory, technique, construction, body language, the use of the spectator, handling situations, etc.).

Do you join us?

We will spend a day full of magic and ideas. Remember, this is a workshop, not lecture session, we will work hand to hand with Miguel and Javi, we will perform magic together and share our ideas and problems in a friendly atmosphere. 

See you there!

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Lectures + Gala 52

60 €

Workshop - The Magic Of Spain

50 €

Lectures + Workshops + Gala 52

100 €

Gala 52

10 €

How to buy tickets?

Contact us by sending an email to, including:

  • Name and surname
  • Type of tickets to buy

We will respond you within a 24 hours period with payment information.

See you in Poznan!